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Where the ordinary
becomes exceptional!



PJuve Design emerged in May of 2012 out of textile artist Peggy Juve’s desire to create one-of-a-kind, artistic clothing for women using her digital fabric printer. Juve prints modern designs on silk and other fine fabrics, including cotton, wool and angora.

Juve blends these gorgeously printed fabrics with a sophisticated style to create pieces that are carefully designed to complement women of all shapes and sizes.

PJuve chooses woven and knit fabrics with a beautiful soft and flattering drape. PJuve garments reveal a free-flowing style and have few seams, reminiscent of the forgiving designs of the 1920’s and lend a natural, stylish grace to any woman’s shape. Careful construction details include hand-stitching, bias banding and a considered blending of additional elements in each piece. A PJuve Design is a one-of-a-kind garment and never replicated.

In addition, PJuve Design also creates beautifully printed scarves and hats, as well as repurposed cotton, wool, rayon, cashmere and wool sweaters embellishing them with artwork, appliqués, buttons and other lovely touches.